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Despite what it may seem, I haven’t fallen off the face of the earth! It was nice to take a little break from blogging/emailing/working while in Hawaii and I truly wish I had the opportunity to take a little more time for myself more often. I know I speak for us all when I say we really do push ourselves too hard and take little to no time to relax when things get busy with work and life. It’s funny how it takes a vacation far away from work and daily commitments to realize just how little time we dedicate to treating ourselves and it’s something I’ve been trying and will continue to focus on this year!

Alright enough about the serious life talk, onto the good stuff: Hawaii! This was my second time returning to Maui and as expected, it was just as amazing as two years ago! If you have any questions or are planning a trip, please don’t hesitate to email me or check out my guide to Maui. I’m more than happy to give recommendations on accommodation, restaurants and amazing places that simply cannot be missed! Below are a few of the highlights from my trip.


Sweetheart Rock ❤


In the ocean, where I belong {hat / bikini}


Sunsets are like fingerprints, no two are the same


Turquoise water as far as the eye can see


Celebrating our second wedding anniversary with a few memorable photos


View from breakfast


Salt in the air, sand in my hair {bikini (similar)}


Toes in the sand


Enjoying morning coffee on the lanai overlooking the ocean


Beachin’ {magazine / tote}


Gorgeous exotic flowers