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The first half of this month was a whirlwind of rosy coloured goodness around here! I added as many pink flowers to the house as possible, ate way too many heart shaped candies and wore as much pink as I could (if you happened to miss either of my pink inspired looks you can check them out here & here)! If you’re not a pink lover, and dare I say even hate pink, then I must apologize for the last couple weeks and for the remainder of the month as I have a feeling my pink trend will continue until then! But if you’re not complaining, then keep those rose coloured glasses on as the pink posts continue!

Decorating for Valentines Day with these beautiful pink blooms!

Long weekends mean exciting cross border shopping!

Lindt chocolate hearts are my weakness!

Enjoying a quiet afternoon 

Wore these pale pink pretties today to kick off a month of hearts and pink everything!

I have zero willpower when it comes to heart shaped treats!

Shades of pink

Delightful afternoon reads!

Doing a little planning, I keep everything organized with my pink planner!

Afternoon treats

A welcome hint of spring to brighten up the house!

The adorable Rifle Paper Co. card I couldn’t resist giving my husband for v-day!