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A couple weeks ago, I shared my current obsession with all black in this post, and today I’m sharing one of the many all black outfits I have on heavy rotation at the moment. I’ve been searching (without much luck) for a black maxi skirt that’s long enough for me, and instead of pouting at my lack of success I did the only logical thing, I used my maxi dress as a stand in. Paired with my leather jacket, it might almost convince the unsuspecting fashionista that it is indeed a skirt, not a dress. Truth be told, I was happy to have any excuse to wear a maxi dress again (the last time I wore it, I was on a beach in beautiful, sunny Kauai). Although the cold, cloudy day was a far cry from tropical weather, I felt chic and put together, and really that’s the best feeling regardless of the weather!

Dress: Tart Collections // Leather Jacket: Danier (similar)
Scarf: J.Crew sold out (similar) // Flats: Tory Burch
Bracelet: J.Crew // Sunglasses: D&G