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I can’t believe that Easter is this weekend. THIS weekend. Easter is one of the prettiest holidays in my opinion – I’m totally smitten with all the pastel colors! Everywhere you look there are pretty blues and delicate shades of pink that make my heart swoon! It’s been forever since I’ve dyed Easter eggs but I thought it would be a fun afternoon activity not to mention they’d make a pretty addition to our coffee table! Seeing as pink and blue are my favorite colors, it wasn’t difficult to choose my color scheme (these would have matched our wedding beautifully)! I followed these instructions for dying the eggs and they turned out great! I was feeling really ambitious so I decided to do two different styles, the other I’ll be sharing on Friday just in time for the Easter long weekend!

I hard boiled my eggs instead of blowing out the yolk

The colors were so pretty!

My two colors of dye ready to go

Loop different sized rubber bands around the eggs in desired pattern

Submerge in dye for 5 minutes

Remove from dye and place on paper towel to dry

Once dry, remove rubber bands

Voila! Pretty striped eggs!

Display in a pretty bowl for all to admire!