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Well it’s no secret that I love ballet flats; I’ve confessed my love for them on my blog too many times to count! I try to get away with wearing them year round but the non-stop west coast rain usually interferes with my plans so I have to store them away until spring arrives! I’m always looking to add to my growing collection, so I thought it would be fun to do a mini series on the different styles of ballet flats that I’m loving this spring! I’ve named it Ballet Flat Fridays (super creative right?) because Fridays are always light-hearted and fun which is exactly how I’d describe my favorite flats! I thought I’d kick off the series with some adorable printed flats, I’m simply loving stripes and floral prints this season!

From top to bottom & left to right
one | two (on sale) | three | four (on sale) | five | six | seven
eight | nine (on sale) | ten