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I hope you all had a wonderful weekend! The weather was absolutely beautiful here yesterday so we took full advantage of the sun and are keeping our fingers crossed that spring is here to stay! The last couple weeks have been super busy so I must apologize for posting a little less than usual, but there’s a good reason why.

You may remember a couple months about I mentioned wanting to visit Kauai…well my dreams have materialized because we just booked our trip! The last couple weeks have been filled with researching all the beautiful places there are to see! We’re blessed to be able to travel with my best friend and her husband and can’t wait to spend time exploring the island together. We’ll be on Kauai for ten days with an additional two days on Oahu; we’ve never been to Oahu so we’re happy we get to spend a little time there as well. I’d love to see Pearl Harbour and the War Memorial, Waikiki Beach and Diamond Head but I just found out that Honolulu is home to the world’s largest outdoor mall so that was immediately moved to the top of my list (this girl is going to do some serious shopping)! If you’ve been lucky enough to visit Kauai I’d love to hear any suggestions you have regarding sights, beaches and of course restaurants! Thanks in advance!

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