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I came across this saying a few weeks ago and I’ve been saving it so that I could share it with you in the new year! I couldn’t believe how perfectly it matched all of the personal goals that I’ve set for myself this year!


I’m a total worrier (I get it from my mum), so this year I’m going to try really hard to chill out and take things as they come. Another big focus of mine is to exercise a heck of a lot more than I currently do! When I was completing my degree I was so busy studying that I didn’t make time to exercise (I know it was bad) and now I’m super busy with work that it’s easy to put fun activities ahead of working out. But this year I’m going to work hard to make it a priority…especially if we’re going back to Hawaii and I have to be seen in a bathing suit – yikes! Above all, I’m going to try to be positive; it’s so easy to complain about every little thing that goes wrong, but life is simply too short so my goal is to have a positive outlook starting this year! Now, where did I put my rose colored glasses?