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I hope everyone had a wonderful New Years Eve last night! I enjoyed seeing everyone’s instagram photos of all the different ways people chose to ring in the new year! This year we decided to keep new years low key and opted to stay in and celebrate instead of heading to a club. Even though we hadn’t planned anything fancy, I still wanted to add a touch of sparkle to our little celebration! I decided to make my own gold pom pom swizzle sticks and rim our champagne glasses with edible glitter! I ran with the idea of keeping everything gold and glittery because they were both so popular in 2012 that it only seemed right! To top off the evening we had a little fun with sparklers! It was so pretty ringing in the new year and writing with the sparklers (it’s something I’ve always wanted to try)!

champ2I decided that gold nails were also a necessity!

champ7Edible glitter…best invention ever!

champ1I had so much fun making these glittery gold pom poms!


Simply put: Sparklers are so much fun!



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