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I hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! With the cold, damp weather here I’m constantly looking for a warm drink to heat me up. I realized the other day that I hadn’t enjoyed any apple cider yet so in the spirit of autumn I decided it was time to change that! I also felt that I needed something a little more festive to drink it out of instead of the usual boring mugs, so I decided to make my own apple cups! They were easy and oh so cute! Besides, apple cider tastes better when served in a hollowed out apple don’t you think?

To make your own apple cider cups you’ll need:

Start by slicing off the top of the apple

Next take your paring knife and cut out where you’d like the rim of your cup. Make sure your rim is far enough away from the edge that your walls aren’t too thin.

Next take your spoon and scoop out the core

Use your spoon to further hollow out the apple and smooth out the walls of the cup

Drizzle lemon juice in the apples to prevent them from browning

Fill cups with hot apple cider

Garnish with cinnamon sticks and serve!