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This may come as a surprise but I don’t own an iPad. I know I’m probably one of the only people on the planet without one (ok I know that’s an exaggeration), but I know the majority of fashion bloggers have iPads. To be honest, I haven’t really felt the need for one (I have an iPhone, a laptop and a desktop) but the topic of buying a tablet keeps coming up. My husband is anti Apple (boo) so we’re constantly debating whether we should get an iPad (my vote) or a Samsung Galaxy Tab (his choice). I have a sneaking suspicion that I’ll end up winning the debate, so I’m constantly shopping for pretty iPad cases. There are so many to choose from but I’ve managed to narrow it down to my favorites which are shown below. I’d love to hear your opinion on iPads; do you often run into websites that won’t load because of the lack of Flash? Are there any other drawbacks that I should know about? Thanks for your help!

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