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A few weekends ago I got the urge to go antiquing, so I headed out to the historic town of Fort Langley. Fort Langley is home to a National Historic Site and sits on the Fraser River. The quaint streets are lined with a mix of antique stores brimming with vintage items as well as home decor and clothing shops. My husband had to work, so I decided to go exploring alone (hence the lack of photos of myself). I must mention that I’m not a huge antique fan, but I love to look for tea cups, blue ball jars and ornate frames.

The moment I step into an antique store it reminds me of my grampa, who was a big antique collector. He passed away when I was really young but my parents used to talk about how he loved antiques. I actually still use one of his favorite finds, a beautiful lamp, on my bedside table – to this day I’ve never seen one like it. Any time I go antiquing I think of him, I know that we would’ve had so much fun searching for vintage finds together. This particular trip I found some amazing antique cameras and I bought the most adorable teacup! Do you have any favorite vintage pieces?

My new tea cup!