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There’s a number of patterns that are very popular at the moment and chevron is at the top of the list! It’s so popular that it can be found in anything from hardwood floors to jewelry. It’s no surprise that it’s so popular with its bright colors and distinct geometric pattern. I think that chevron has a vintage feel which can be emphasized when paired with other vintage-looking pieces or it can have the opposite effect when paired with modern elements bringing out its clean lines. Layering different colors and patterns gives a more eclectic and fun look which I love for decorating an outdoor space. Depending on the desired look, chevron can be both subtle or bold; using a couple of cushions or a small area rug can create a lovely subtle look in comparison to a painted wall or tiled floor which creates a dramatic effect. My personal favorite is tiled chevron, it’s stunning! I hope you find these beautiful pictures inspiring!

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