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Happy first day of May! Don’t you just love the gorgeous sunkissed glow you get in the summer? Aside from the cute dresses and skirts that come with warm sunny weather, having beautiful tanned skin is my second favorite thing about summer! Since I’m fair skinned I’m always on the look out for a way to get some extra color. Like most people, I’m guilty of using tanning beds although I’ve only used them to get a base tan before a trip to a tropical destination during the winter months when I’m terribly pasty. My destination wedding in Maui is quickly approaching (it’s only 2 months away eek!) so for the past couple months I’ve been trying to find an alternative to the harsh UV rays of the tanning bed in anticipation of my trip. My favorites are St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mouse and Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes. I love how lightweight and easy to apply the St. Tropez mouse is, not to mention how wonderful the tan applicator mitt is to use. It prevents streaks and helps keep your hands from getting stained, which is a total bonus! The Kate Somerville Tanning Towelettes also work wonderfully, the only downside is the price (you only get 8 towelettes for $48). Do you have a favorite self-tanner? I’d love to hear about different products to try!

1. St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse $48
2. Lancome Flash Bronzer Tinted Self-Tanning Leg Gel $38
3. Philosophy Here Comes The Sun Age-Defense Gradual Glow Self-Tanner $26
4. Estée Lauder Golden Perfection Tinted Self-Tanning Gelée for Body $29.50
5. Origins The Great Pretender – Shimmery Self-Tanner $23.50
6. Clarins Self Tanning Instant Gel $35
7. Kate Somerville 360 Degree Tanning Towelettes $48
8. Clinique Self Sun Body Tinted Lotion $21